FPG AIM sources equity globally both for Asset Based Finance transaction as well as for direct equity investments in companies.

On the Asset Based Finance side, FPG AIM is specialized in structuring Japanese lease transactions which provides 100% financing consisting of part Japanese equity and part (bank) debt. Japanese equity underwriting and sourcing for asset based finance transactions is done by our partner/part shareholder Financial Products Group Co. Ltd. (FPG) in the Japanese market. Our extensive experience in structuring these kind of transactions together with our vast knowledge of commercial lending and our banking network (with over 30 banks currently lending into our transactions) benefits clients throughout the capital sourcing process, allows them to obtain 100% financing for their assets.

FPG AIM understands the banking and investment communities’ appetite for lending and investing. We prepare business evaluations, financial projections, and information memoranda as appropriate to assist clients in attracting debt sources for their business. With the number of international banks lending into transactions sourced and structured by FPG AIM reaching over 30, we have solid and extensive access to bank debt, which should be to the benefit of companies looking to find debt sources for their transactions.

FPG AIM’s M&A services are designed to help investors and companies reach their strategic goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to acquire or merge businesses in order to create synergies. The global economy means that these opportunities can arise anywhere in the world and our global reach means that we can provide services on the ground wherever they are needed. FPG AIM has been successful in closing a number of transactions including the purchase of a major part of the shares of Amentum by FPG (

FPG AIM also provides support in accessing new markets, assets and sources of finance. We can also help companies restructure their asset base by helping to dispose of underperforming assets or non-core parts of the business.